Holiday Schedule

Schedule will go as follows this week:

  • Monday, 7/2: regular classes
  • Tuesday: kids class at 5, no boxing from 6-7 (we are having an open mat for Boxing and Jiu Jitsu from 6-7 and Jiu Jitsu at 7-8:30)
  • Wednesday: no classes
  • Thursday: regular class schedule
  • Saturday: regular class schedule

I hope everyone has a safe holiday!

Holiday Schedule

Our holiday schedule for the next couple weeks will be as follows. As always, if we have inclement weather, we will post further updates, and please use your discretion as to road conditions. Stay safe!

  • Saturday, Dec. 23: Open
  • Monday, Dec. 25: CLOSED
  • Tuesday, Dec. 26: Open
  • Wednesday, Dec. 27: Open
  • Thursday, Dec. 28: Open
  • Saturday, Dec. 30: Open
  • Monday, Jan. 1: CLOSED
  • Tuesday, Jan. 2: Open

Class times are on our homepage.

No Class Today

Last-minute modification to our Thanksgiving schedule: there will be no boxing class tonight. We’ll resume our normal schedule on Saturday with 10am class & open mat.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!