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July 4th Parade, 7/4/22

July 4th Parade
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Family Picnic, 8/18/22

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Kids Belt Promotions, 4/13/22

Tap Cancer Out, 12/11/21

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Filipino Martial Arts

BJJ Seminar & Belt Test, 3/8/20

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Kids' Belt Promotions, 2/6/20

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Jedi Training Academy, 12/14/19
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Kids' Belt Promotions, 12/12/19
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Women’s Self-Defense Seminar, 11/13/19
Dennis Hayes Seminar, 8/31/19
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“Having tools and knowledge to protect yourself in self-defense situations is key, martial arts instructors say,” WHSV 3. Dec. 6, 2021

“What will gyms look like when they reopen?” by Patrick Hite, the News Leader: Part 1 | Part 2

“How Bjj Fills In A Powerful Tool For Hierarchy Of Needs” by Scott Barker: Part 1 | Part 2

“Martial arts schools ‘a training ground for life'” by Patrick Hite, the News Leader

“A Jiu-Jitsu Toddler at Age 42” by Matthew Warner

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