July 4th Parade a Success

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us as we marched for the first time in Staunton’s July 4th “Happy Birthday America” Parade! The BJJ and Boxing programs were well-represented.

July 4th Weekend Schedule

Our schedule for this holiday weekend is as follows:

  • Friday, July 1: Boxing @ 6:15PM — OPEN
  • Saturday, July 2: CLOSED
  • Sunday, July 3: CLOSED
  • Monday, July 4: CLOSED

Come see us in the July 4th Parade!

Total Defense Martial Arts is marching for the first time in Staunton’s “Happy Birthday America” parade through Gypsy Hill Park.

The parade starts at 10AM on Monday, July 4th.

If you are a TDMA member and would like to march with us, please contact Matt Warner and sign up at the front desk by Friday.

Family Picnic Photos

Thanks to everyone who came to our family picnic yesterday in Gypsy Hill Park. We had a blast!

TDMA Family Picnic

Congratulations to all the BJJ students who received stripe promotions last night!

Tomorrow, Saturday 6/18, our no-gi BJJ class will be from 10-11 a.m. That class usually ends at 11:30, but we want to give you time to get ready for our family picnic at noon!

At 12 p.m. Saturday, the TDMA family picnic will be in Gypsy Hill Park, at the picnic shelter at 201 Constitution Drive. If you’ve thought about trying out our BJJ or Boxing programs but would like to first chat about it, this is a great opportunity to meet us. See you there!

Memorial Day schedule

Total Defense’s Memorial Day schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, May 27: closed
  • Saturday, May 28: open
  • Sunday, May 29:  open
  • Monday, May 30: closed

Stay safe, and have fun!

Kids’ Belt Promotions

Congratulations to everyone who received stripe promotions on their BJJ belts last night. Here is a gallery of photos from our two kids’ classes.

Seminar and Belt Promotions

Today, Total Defense Martial Arts had the pleasure of hosting instructors Dennis Haynes and Dwayne Rumfelt of HYBRID for a memorable BJJ seminar and belt testing event.

Congratulations to everyone who leveled up. Olivia set the bar high for everyone else on the blue belt test. Thank you, Dennis, for coming down and mentoring us, and thanks to Dwayne for also sharing his knowledge.