BJJ Fundamentals Class Starts Mondays at 730PM; BJJ Advanced Class Tuesdays at 630PM

Total Defense Martial Arts is proud to announce the addition of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Fundamentals class to its schedule. Taught by purple belts Scott Allyn and Matt Warner, this class supplements our usual curriculum with instruction geared specifically to beginners. Each Monday at 730PM, Scott and Matt will teach you the techniques needed to progress from white belt to blue belt.

What a great way to celebrate your life returning to normal! Just show up 15 minutes prior to class to sign a waiver and be outfitted for a loaner gi if you don’t already have one. Your first week of classes, which includes this one plus our regular BJJ classes on Thursday and Saturday, are completely free.

Our Tuesday BJJ classes for adults are shifting to a more advanced curriculum. Taught by brown belt and TDMA owner Brian Rose, this class will focus on higher-level techniques. While beginners aren’t specifically excluded from these classes, just know that if you show up here, you might be in over your head!

Any questions, please contact Brian Rose at (540) 968-0045.