Dennis Hayes Seminar, Oct. 15 @ 10 a.m.

Our first seminar will be October 15, 2016 at 10 a.m., at our school location (708 D. Street, Staunton, VA). Dennis Hayes of our parent school, HYBRID, will teach. This free seminar is exclusively for Total Defense Martial Arts students.

Dennis is the founder and head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo instructor at HYBRID. Dennis recieved his black belt in Judo from local martial arts legend Gus Carper and recieved his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt from Pedro Sauer. He is one of the first 30 black belts promoted by Pedro. He is also an official representative of Pedro’s association.

Here is his impressive competition record:

Mixed Martial Arts record 7-2
-Excalibur-Extreme Fighting LW Champion
-Spring Kickfest LW champion
-Tennessee Shootfighting Championships- LW Champion
-Elite Vale Tudo 4-man LW tournament champion
-Elite Combat Challenge MW champion.
-2-time Ruckus in the Cage LW champion
(Awarded fighter of the night 10/07)
-Ruckus in the cage LW title winner

Grappling tournaments
-Commonwealth Games multi-time Judo champion
-Carolinas American Judo Assn.-’97 LW tournament -2nd place
-Va State Judo Championships.-’05 Black belt division LW 3rd place of 20.
– International Pro-Am of Grappling ’00- Blue belt LW 3rd place of 20
-Grapplers Quest ’02-LW advanced division Champion
-Grapplers Quest ’02 LW masters division Champion
-Hayastan Grappling ’04-2nd place advanced division
-Hayastan Grappling ’04-2nd place open division
(awarded most technical grappler)
-Bud World Cup ’04- PRO division LW 4th place
-Bud World Cup-’04- Purple belt LW 2nd place
-Budweiser Nationals ’05-advanced division Champion
-Budweiser-UMW- ’05 Brown belt LW 2nd place
-Pendergrass Invitational-’05-LW brown belt Champion
-Bud World Cup ’06-LW advanced division Champion
-Bud World Cup ’06-masters division Champion
-U.S. Grappling Championships-’06-LW brown belt BJJ invitational 2nd place
-U.S. grappling ’07- FW. invitational-Brownbelt-4th place
-Bud World Cup ’08-No-GI masters Advanced div. Champion
-Bud World Cup ’07- LW Brown belt Champion
-U.S. Grappling ‘09-LW Black belt invitational
Submission only tournament winner