Tap Cancer Out

Our teammate, BJJ student and all-around nice guy Jimmie Lobley, today rolled for one hour straight — i.e., without a break — to raise money for cancer research. This fundraiser was part of the Tap Cancer Out initiative being sponsored by multiple Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu schools. Jimmie rolled in support of his wife, Tina. From an initial goal of $1000, Jimmie raised $3000. And hey, you can still donate!

We were honored to support Jimmie on this noble endeavor. To spar for one hour straight, with new opponents cycling in every three minutes, is a advanced-belt thing, and Jimmie is a white belt. His dedication and willingness to do something like this for cancer patients is heroic. We applaud him on on his accomplishment.

Here are some photos of Jimmie and everyone who participated.